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Tula Varshik Rashifal | Libra Yearly Prediction

Tula | Libra


Tula Rashifal | Libra Horoscope


…know what Panditji predicts for the year.

Health: You will not face any significant health-related problems this year. Everything will be positive for you. No major disease will attack you. There will be a relief in critical and chronic ailments. Remain extra careful if you are a patient of diabetes and blood pressure. Do not waste your energy fussing over petty conditions. The health of your spouse and children will also be in good shape. Incorporate Yoga, exercise, and meditation in your lifestyle to maintain your health.

Financial Condition: The year will bring various growth opportunities, new hopes and advantageous prospects for a better future. You will manage to save a good sum, but still, plan your budget with care and remain prudent with money. The business will fare satisfactorily. Utilize your brain and intelligence optimally to attain financial progress at a higher pace. After 18 October, you are advised to take care of your financial condition and avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Business and Career: The year will bring advantageous prospects for government employees and growth opportunities for business people. The year will be especially auspicious for research scholars, private business owners, lecturers, lawyers, poets and politicians. Individuals dealing in grains, pulses, edible gums, and other such stuff will have exceptional profits. Administrative officials will attain professional growth and support from the government. Financial losses due to the involvement in disputes at the yearend are possible.

Family and Social Life: The day will be critical for you on the social and familial front. Married couples trying to conceive will get positive results. This and various other positive developments in life will make you unprecedentedly happy. You will have affectionate relations with your siblings as well. Some minor health problems may trouble your parents, medical expenses are likely. You will have a get-together with old friends and relatives. You will assume a post on the social level and enjoy high reputation.

Love Life: The year 2019 will be exceptionally favourable for your love life. You will get into a new relationship. You will also plan and take a trip to some tourist destination with your girlfriend. You will receive more love and affection from your partner in the contract-based relationship. Married couples will have respect for each other along with better emotional and physical intimacy. Some minor disputes will get resolved and further strengthen your relationship. All your wishes will get fulfilled.

Fairer Sex: The women born under this sign will have to face some highly distressing circumstances this year. Married life will also be stressful. Try to maintain a loving and understanding relationship with your spouse. Keep a restraint on your anger. The health of your child will also be a matter of concern for you. After the midyear, a refreshing vacation and joyful time spent with loved ones will help you restore the positivity in your life. Indulgence in worldly pleasures; and love and romance will also take a front seat in your life.

Governmental Position: Accept our wishes in advance for your forthcoming success in politics. Barring some months, you will accomplish great success and recognition in politics. Your contributions to the deeds of social welfare will establish your name as a respectable politician. On one hand, you will connect with people on religious grounds and on other you will meet and speak with youngsters to understand their perception, expectations, and aspirations. You will also have a stronghold within your party. Still, you are advised to remain wary of your rivals and adversaries as they will try to pull you down and hurt your reputation.

Student Life: The year will be favourable for students and help them attain positive results in their endeavours. The average level of efforts will yield extraordinary results. Students studying who have telecommunications, computer science, and physics as their career domain will find exceptional success this year. Commerce and finance students will also attain intended success. The support and help of your friends, teachers and mentors will always be with you, make the most of it.

Summary: The year will bring positive outcomes for the Libra-born individuals. You will get several steps closer to your goal. Encouraging prospects on the professional front will motivate you to do even better. Students will also get positive prospects on the academic front. Promotion and transfer are likely. Financial condition will be stable, better opportunities will further boost your earnings. Singles will get married and married couples will be blessed with a baby.

Precaution: -Do not trust anyone with closed eyes throughout the year; consult with experienced individuals before taking decisions.

-Refrain from lending or borrowing money, conducting the business on credit is also inadvisable.

-Outlays will increase, make a budget and use your money prudently.

-Take complete care of your children; pregnant women must remain careful right from the beginning.

-Deliberate on all the possible outcomes of your actions before taking any decision or undertaking any task.

-Stay from the people who are envious of you and do not discuss anything important with them.

-The latter part of the year will pose some difficulties, remain calm and patient.

-Assess your capabilities before losing your anger on a person or circumstances.

-Do not buy anything on loan or installments, only spend on needs and curtail the wants.

Suggestion: -Chant the following Mantra 108 times.

-Feed sweetened milk to young girls on Fridays.

-Offer clothes and sweets to Goddess Navdurga.

-Respect women of all ages, and avoid alcohol.

-Wear a piece of silver jewelry all through the year or keep one in your wallet or bag.

'We wish you an auspicious year full of growth and progress'.

Hreem Himkundmrinalabham Daityanam Paramam Gurum।
Sarvshastrapravaktaram Bhargavam Pranmamyaham॥

ह्रीं हिमकुन्दमृणालाभं दैत्यानां परमं गुरूम्।
सर्वशास्त्रप्रवक्तारं भार्गवं प्रणमाम्यहम्॥

Panditji of Drik Panchang wishes you a happy and prosperous day.

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Rashi Lord
शुक्र | Venus
Rashi Letters
र, त | Ra, Ta
Nakshatra Charana Letters
रा, री, रु, रे, रो, ता, ती, तू, ते
Raa, Ree, Roo, Re, Ro, Taa, Tee, Too, Te
Adorable God
श्री दुर्गा माता
Shri Durga Mata
Favourable Color
सफेद | White
Favourable Number
2, 7
Favourable Direction
पश्चिम | West
Rashi Metal
लोहा, चाँदी | Iron, Silver
Rashi Stone
हीरा | Diamond
Rashi Favourable Stone
हीरा, पन्ना तथा नीलम
Diamond, Emerald and Blue Sapphire
Rashi Favourable Weekdays
शुक्रवार, शनिवार तथा बुधवार
Friday, Saturday and Wednesday
Rashi Temperament
चर | Movable
Rashi Element
वायु | Air
Rashi Nature
सम | Even

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